Want my help?

Have a question? A health concern? Some research or writing you need done?

Let me know! My time is limited, but I love helping out when I can. Just pick the option below that suits your fancy.

Quick questions: If you have a fairly straightforward question that you would like me to answer, then please make a donation in whatever amount you feel is fair and reasonable and type your question into the “add a note” box. The question can be about anything, but I can’t promise I’ll have an insightful answer. I don’t know everything, after all. I do promise to respond within 2–3 days at most, though.

Consultations: If you want to spend some 1-on-1 time with me via Skype, and feel that my brain suits your needs, then you may find value in setting up a consultation with me. We can do 60 minutes for $100 or 30 minutes for $50. If you have lab-work or other things you would like me to look over and think about beforehand, that’ll be tacked on as an additional $50. I’m flexible with time and will work with you for scheduling, just contact me and let me know what’s up.

Other things: I work professionally as a nutrition researcher and writer. If you need someone to investigate a topic for you, write or edit a manuscript, or do some task that you feel my skill set would be ideal for, then shoot me a message and let me know . My availability is limited, but I love this type of work and try to squeeze in extras whenever I can. Pricing, timing, and other details will be hashed out when we talk.