I have been a guest on several podcasts over the years. For those interested, I have listed them below.

January, 2018

Low Carb Conversations Podcase Ep. 253 (Leaf Williamson): Alex Leaf and Mike Julian on liquid diets to reverse diabetes and how much protein is bad. (Leah’s website)

Mastering Nutrition Podcast (Chris Masterjohn): Why you need glycine – a panel discussion (Chris’s website)

December, 2017

Sustainable Self Development Podcast Ep. 52 (Abel Csabai): The science round-table part I – how to think about science? (YouTube; iTunes; SoundCloud; Abel’s website)

Mastering Nutrition Podcast (Chris Masterjohn): Creatine – far more than a performance enhancer (Chris’s website)

Muscle Engineer Podcast Ep. 4 (Szotak Andras): Glycine metabolism and it’s importance for health and longevity (YouTube; iTunes; Podbean)

September, 2016

Free the Animal Podcast Ep. 4 (Richard Nikoley): Everything you believe about what Paleoman ate is wrong (YouTube; iTunesSoundCloud; Richard’s website). Related blog post by Richard.

Super Human Radio Ep. 1920 (Carl Lanore): Would the real caveman diet please stand up (SHR)

July, 2016

Super Human Radio Ep. 1899 (Carl Lanore): Casual Friday (SHR)

Super Human Radio Ep. 1896 (Carl Lanore): Alex Leaf in the studio (SHR)

June, 2016

Super Human Radio Ep. 1873 (Carl Lanore): Proteinaholic Rebuttal (SHR)

February, 2016

Super Human Radio Ep. 1813 (Carl Lanore): Eat first, share later: foraging habits of Hadza hunter-gatherers (SHR)

January, 2016

Super Human Radio Ep. 1796 (Carl Lanore): How diet soda promotes weight loss and maintenance (SHR)

December, 2015

Super Human Radio Ep. 1781 (Carl Lanore): A theoretical discussion on meal frequency for muscle growth and dieting (SHR)

Super Human Radio Ep. 1780 (Carl Lanore): What nuts can teach us about calories-in calories-out (SHR)

August, 2015

Super Human Radio Ep. 1710 (Carl Lanore): Super human science roundup (SHR)

September, 2014

Super Human Radio Ep. 1486 (Carl Lanore): Performance nutrition and sports certification course (SHR)