I have been a guest on several podcasts, which I have listed them below.  Please keep in mind that my opinion on matters may change over time due to any number of factors, so do not assume that I currently hold a viewpoint supported in past conversations.

December, 2018

Risks of high-protein diets?: Longevity, gut health, and microbiota
(Sigma Nutrition Radio podcast with Danny Lenon, episode 256) LINK

September, 2018

What you may not know about whey protein
(Super Human Radio podcast with Carl Lanore, episode 2238, start at 30-min) LINK

Supplementation, understanding research, & filtering good from bad in nutrition science
(Ketogeek podcast with Fahad Ahmad, episode 47) LINK

April, 2018

Little-known nutrition hacks to cook your food for the biggest health benefits
(Legendary Life podcast with Ted Ryce, episode 300) LINK

January, 2018

Liquid diets to reverse diabetes and how much protein is bad
(Low-carb Conversations podcast with Leah Williamson, episode 253) LINK

Why you need glycine: a panel discussion
(Mastering Nutrition podcast with Chris Masterjohn) LINK

December, 2017

The science round-table part I
(Sustainable Self Development podcast with Abel Csabai, episode 52) LINK

Creatine: far more than a performance enhancer
(Mastering Nutrition podcast with Chris Masterjohn) LINK

Glycine metabolism and it’s importance for health and longevity
(Muscle Engineer podcast with Szotak Andras, episode 4) LINK

September, 2016

Shortcomings in the Paleo Narrative
(Free the Animal podcast with Richard Nikoley, episode 4) LINK

Would the real caveman diet please stand up
(Super Human Radio podcast with Carl Lanore, episode 1920, start at 30-min) LINK

July, 2016

Alex Leaf in the studio to discuss leg training
(Super Human Radio podcast with Carl Lanore, episode 1896) LINK